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Beaded Scarfs
Knitting with beads is our latest craze!

Knitted Scarves, Cowls and Shawls embellished with beads are wonderful works of art. You can string beads on yarn before knitting or add them to a stitch using a crochet hook. Either way…Lots of fun with beautiful results! Yes, even YOU can do beadwork!

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A. Beaded Fan Scarf

String beads before you knit to create this
elegant rib patterned scarf in Vintage DK yarn.
5” X 50”. Choose White, Teal, Claret, Lt. Grey, Rust, Lilac or any Vintage DK color.
Appropriate beads included.
Complete Kit incl. yarn, beads, pattern $32
Knitting Needles: Bamboo 10” size #6 $7.25
Beading Needle: (Pkg of 4) $4

A. Beaded Fan Scarf Kit

B. Sojourn Falls Beaded Scarf

Simple lace and cable pattern scarf knit in Silky Wool yarn (wool, silk and nylon). Beads are
applied to desired stitch using a tiny crochet hook. Size 7” X 46”. Choose Denim, Ecru, Rust, Banana, Lt Sage, Purple, Berry or any color of Silky Wool. Appropriate bead color included.
Kit includes yarn, beads and pattern. $34
Bamboo 10” size #6 $7.25
Steel Crochet Hook
US #10: $3

B. Sojourn Falls Beaded Scarf Kit

C. Folio Beaded Cowl

A lace accessory with a hint of glimmer. 300 beads are strung onto yarn before you knit. Lace pattern is a simple YO, K2tog, K1 repeat. This cowl is worked flat and then seamed to finish…so pretty and soft! 9” X 32”. Knit in Berroco Folio, superfine Alpaca and Rayon blend. Choose Lt Sage, Lilac, Raspberry, Lt Teal, Lt Blue, Coral or any Folio color. Appropriate bead color included.
Complete Kit includes 1 skein Folio, 1 box 6mm beads and pattern $16
10”Bamboo size #5 $7.25
Beading Needle:
(Pkg of 4) $4

C. Folio Beaded Cowl

D. Beaded Eyelet Shawlet

This beautiful beaded shawlet has a lovely drape and subtle shaping. Knit in hand dyed variegated colors of lace weight Merino yarn with 6mm beads. Beads are applied with a crochet hook. Choose variegated shades of a. Rust/Gold/Brown, b. Yellow/Orange/Lilac, c. Purple/Lilac/Olive, Other variegated colors and solid colors are also available.
Complete Kit incl. yarn, beads, pattern $54
Needles: 24” or 32” circ #9 $7.95 Steel Crochet Hook US #10: $3

D. Beaded Eyelet Shawlet

E. Wingspan (No Beads)

This asymmetric shawl looks challenging but it is one of the easiest items you’ll ever knit! Eight right angled triangles offset to form a wonderful wingspan shape. E. Wingspan (no beads) in Merino/Silk yarn in variegated beautiful shades of a.Lt Blue/Green, b.Purple/Teal, c.Gold/Orange, d.Bold Blues/Greens, e.Red/Burgundy
Kit $26

E. Shawlet Wingspan (No Beads)

F. Wingspan (With Beads)

Same as E. knit in hand dyed Merino yarn - beads are applied with a crochet hook. Choose a. Rust/Gold/Brown b. Yellow/Orange/Lilac or c.Purple/Lilac/Olive. Kit includes yarn, beads and pattern.
Kit $36
24” circular #4 $6.95

F. Shawlet Wingspan (With Beads)